Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my account?

Access your account through this link: Your Account. To log out, click on Log Out at the top left corner of the account screen.

How do I change my email address or password?

Go to Your Account under Your Profile, click on Change E-Mail Address or Change Password. You can also click on Forgot your Password? in the login screen.

How do I change or update my billing info?

Go to Your Account and click any of the links under Payment Options to change your billing name or address, or to view, update or delete credit card info.

How do I save friends and family to my address book?

Go to Your Account and click on any of the links below Address Book to view, modify or add addresses to your account.

How can I easily remember when to send flowers?

Take advantage of our reminder service by going to Your Account, and clicking the link under Reminder Service. Follow the simple instructions to view, modify or add reminders for all your special occasions. We will then email you when it’s time to order your gift, so you never miss a special moment again!